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Central Oregon Sagebrush Handmade Soap 4.5 oz.

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Oregon Rain Central Oregon Sagebrush Handmade Soap is a great soap for hunters. You know you are in Central Oregon when you get a whiff of the sweet, desert sagebrush scent. It is a wonderful, inviting distinctive scent that lingers in the air. We travel to Prineville, Oregon every year to harvest sagebrush for this specially made handmade soap. The ground sagebrush is added for a natural exfoliation. A great scent for men!

Each bar is handcrafted and handmade especially for you! Our soap bars are really made with Oregon rainwater that we collect, filter and purify ourselves. We use rainwater because it's a soft water and a natural resource adding uniqueness to our products. We also use olive oil for its skin conditioning properties and coconut, rice bran and castor oils to provide a gentle, creamy, fluffy lather. We use natural colorants, herbs, nutrients and essential oils for aromatherapy benefits when we can. Otherwise, we use cosmetic grade colorants and fragrance oils for vibrant color and scent. Each bar is aged for at least 30 days. Not only will the soap last longer, but it will also be at the optimum mildness.

And don't forget to send a little "Oregon Rain" to someone you care about it's a great gift or a souvenir!

Ingredients: Rice Bran, Oregon Rainwater, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Vegetable Shortening, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Seed Oil, Fragrance, Ground Sagebrush

  • Exfoliating
  • Colorant Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Great for men

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  • 5
    Central Oregon Sagebrush

    Posted by Debra A Allen on 11th Mar 2024

    Living in western Oregon, we love the smell of sagebrush and head east often to camp. My husband especially loves this soap - his favorite for using in the shower.

  • 5
    Central Oregon Sagebrush

    Posted by Debra A Allen on 11th Mar 2024

    Living in western Oregon, we love the smell of sagebrush and head east often to camp. My husband especially loves this soap - his favorite for using in the shower.

  • 5
    awesome soap and awesome present

    Posted by Justus on 20th Dec 2021

    This soap leaves your hands smelling so good and feeling silky and soft!

  • 5
    If you like Sagebrush and rainwater

    Posted by Oscar Ingalls on 23rd Oct 2021

    It all started when I was a boy. I grew up loving the smell of sagebrush. Best smell ever! Then I grew up and moved away… the smell happiness had been stolen from me. Saddest days. Then, fast forward a few decades and my daughter got me some for Christmas! The joy! The rapture! The soap! I love this stuff and buy in 10 bar packages because… well, it just smells the best! Oh, and it cleans great as well, for those who really care about cleanliness.

  • 5
    Central Oregon Sagebrush just sounds so fresh and tantalizing

    Posted by Linda Story on 31st Oct 2020

    Haven't used product yet and products purchased maybe used as gifts. Love the Oregon Rain Products for a clean soft feeling.

  • 5
    Sage brush bar soap

    Posted by Gary Hobbie on 12th Oct 2020

    I like it- nice smell.

  • 5
    Bar soap

    Posted by Mark C on 23rd Aug 2020

    Great product, great service, and a great company

  • 5
    One of the best soaps you'll use.

    Posted by Britt on 25th May 2015

    I have bought a few different bars of soap, and every single scent has been wonderful. There hasn't been one that I didn't enjoy. All of the bars leave me feeling clean, with no type of residue on my skin. In fact, I never really realized what that meant, when people said they felt like something was left behind on their skin after showering, until I used these soaps and noticed a complete difference. I always feel clean, which is the point, yes, but it's a type of clean that's somehow different. It's fresh and nice smelling and confident. This scent in particular, the sagebrush, is very natural smelling without any sort of harsh, overpowering notes. It's very mellow and will make a nice and steamy shower that much more wonderful. It's fantastic for anyone who doesn't want to smell like a field of flowers or have a sickly sweet smelling soap. I think this one is by far my favorite out of any that I've purchased.

  • 5
    Fresh and real aroma

    Posted by Rose Wright on 2nd Mar 2015

    My husband goes for foresty/outdoorsy smelling products, and I like them to be natural and have no harsh chemical smells. This makes us both happy. He also likes how the sagebrush bits provide mild exfoliation.