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About Us

robjohnna.jpgHello,we are Rob and Johnna Zeigler, owners of Oregon Rain Soap. We started Oregon Rain Soap in 2003 making handmade soaps. We now make handmade, high quality lotions, all natural, parabel free lip balms, relaxing bath salts, rejuvenating body scrubs, 100% soy scented candles and tart melts, moisturizing foaming hand soaps and unscented flaxseed wraps. Our mission is to provide the very best products for you and your family. We never test our products on animals, we have family and friends who are more than willing to test them for us.

Soapmaking has been in Johnna's family since the early 1970's. Her Mom, Elayne started making soap because Johnna's brother, Dan, had terrible acne and had tried lots of things to clear it up. Elayne had read that oatmeal soap was great for the complexion so one day her niece, Jan, came to visit and they decided to make a batch of soap. To their amazement it worked wonderful for Dan's skin as well as everyone else in the family. From that day on they never used "store bought" soap again.

Then in 1990, Johnna wanted to try making soap on her own. Her parents leant her their molds and they gave her some special tips on making soap from the heart. Johnna's friends and family were very supportive and loved the soap. It wasn't until she met her husband, Rob, that she began adding scent. He knew how much she loved scented soaps so he went out and bought her first essential oils. They spent many hours researching and experimenting with different scents and herbs. Rob enjoyed this process so much that he decided to help her make soap.

Some say that with tragedy comes hope. Rob worked for a large corporation managing the states of Alaska and Hawaii. He had worked there for 13 years and as many businesses were forced to do, they cut back on jobs. Unexpectedly, he was laid off. With much encouragement and support from their friends and family they decided to start Oregon Rain Soap Company and share their products with others. They have been working full time making high quality, reasonably priced and naturally made products ever since.

They pride themselves in bringing you and your family only the best. Thank you for all your support!

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