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Soap Trays and Dishes 

Our Handmade Corian Soap Trays are handcrafted by my brother, Dan. He is a cabinet maker by trade in Florence, Oregon and decided to recycle all the scrap corian he had after making countertops. Normally they would be tossed out but we were raised to find uses for things instead of throwing things out. So he made one of these soap trays for me to use and I fell in love! He hand cuts each one and hand sands each one for a smooth professional look. They are easy to clean, just run under water or put in the dishwater. They are non porous so bacteria will not grow. It will last forever, never warping and molding like wooden soap dishes. This is a great deal for your money! Keeps your handmade soap dry, never sits in water keeping your soap lasting longer. Can be used on countertops, sinks, showers and tubs. Thank you for supporting a local Oregonian!

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